SEAC Magica Fun Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask Blue/Orange


SEAC Magica Fun Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask Blue/Orange

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The SEAC Magica Fun is the kids full face snorkeling mask designed and manufactured by SEAC®. It allows you to explore the world below the water’s surface, breathing naturally through your nose and mouth. Exhaled air is vented through an exclusive patented system located in the front of the mask to make exhaling effortless and eliminate the noise that purge valves make.

The snorkel mask features:

Dry Top: to prevent water from entering the tube.

Antifog: A separated channeling system for inhaled and exhaled air prevents the lens from fogging.

Full-spectrum view, with a 180° field of vision.

Skirt: The soft, ergonomic skirt made of thermoplastic elastomer paired with a durable polycarbonate frame polycarbonate frame and lens offer enormous comfort.

Strap: A comfortable and flexible retaining strap holds the full-face mask to your head.

Purge system: An efficient water purging system uses a dump valve in the lower part of the skirt.

Available: XS/S for kids (10+).


Size selection:

If the distance from the bottom of your chin to your nose bridge > 10 cm (+3.9 inch), we recommend XS/S. 

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