GoPro Rental available Aug 2023

Gopro Rental

Gopro Rental

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How it works:

Choose the number of rental days for the Gopro on our website
  • Add to cart
  • Choose delivery date & time
  • Add personal info and adress on the next page.
  • Select as payment option Payment upon delivery.
  • Deposit will be 100 usd and will be returned at pickup of the Gopro.
  • Diep Curacao will charge the claim amount for damage or replacement in case of damage or loss of the Gopro, case or stick.
    • Claim amount of 300 usd will be charged for the Gopro.
    • Claim amount of 40 usd will be charged for the Gopro case
    • Claim amount of 15 usd will be charged for the Stick
  • We will deliver the Gopro on the specified date & time.
  • You can pay the rental amount with cash or card.
  • Delivery costs: 2 usd for deliver.


  • Handle our rental products with care.
  • Always leave the GoPro in the waterproof GoPro case while snorkeling.
  • Avoid water, sand and sunscreen lotion on the gopro, because this will damaged the product
  • Always rinse the closed gopro case with tapwater after use and dry it in the open air.
  • Avoid drying in the sun.


  • Sent us whatsapp or email with the pickup location
  • You will receive the deposit back when we pickup the Gopro.


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