Snorkel Spots Curacao

Porto Mari

The beach of Porto Mari is relaxing but the reef of Porto Mari is exeptionally beautiful. There are two parallel reefs in which you may find rare marine life species like spotted eagle rays. Go look for the parrot fish and trunk fishes.

You'll find the first reef in a 5 min swim from shore. You might also want to snorkel on the left side of the bay where you'll find a lot of intersting marine life in very shallow waters.

Playa Grandi

A place loved among many not for it beach but as snorkel spot. If you want to see sea turtles during your holiday, just go the Playa Grandi. You'll see fishermen cleaning and selling their catch. The turtles love the leftovers which are thrown in the water.

Go in the morning to have the best chance to see the turtles.


The most famous snorkeling spot on Curacao. Located nearby the Jan Thiel bay this spot is very popular for snorkelers and divers.

Just enter the water from shore and you'll find a small shipwreck sitting in a shallow and sheltered bay at 5m/17ft. It is covered with corals. Look for the many different fishes like trumphet fish and angle fish.

Playa Lagun

A hidden gem! Between 2 rocky cliffs you find Playa Lagun, a narrow beach with a wonderful underwater world. Lagun itself is a fishing village close to Westpunt. Snorkel along the cliffs to find the most colorful fishes, moren and even turtles.

A great snorkeling spot for beginners as it is a actually a long and narrow cove which is pretty much protected from the wind making the waters here quite calm.

Klein Curacao

Curacao is paradise but if you have been to Klein Curacao you know what paradise + means. You have to go with a two hour boat trip to Curacao.

On Klein Curacao there are basic facilities with the white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Heaven on earth. As for snorkeling you can snorkeling pretty much everywhere on the leeward side. The diversity among sea creatures is high. Let surprise yourself and take a trip to paradise.