Snorkel Mask

Upon receiving your full face mask you put it on to check there is no space between the bottom of the mask and your chin.

For a check: breathe normally to check for any leaks. If you feel a slight pressure change when you breathe, then you have a good seal. If the mask is too loose or too tight, take the mask off you face and adjust the straps accordingly.

The full face mask may be used from 10 years old. Be sure to select the right size.

You should avoid sand.

Don't let your mask lay on the sand as it will scratch your mask window. This will result in the same effect as with sunglasses.

Sand may come between the clip of the snorkel tube and the mask. Don't put too much pressure to clip the snorkel on the mask. Rinse the two parts separately with fresh water and clip them together.

Sand may also clog up the floater in the snorkel. Rinse the snorkel with fresh water and you may need to use an object like a key to slide through the rear vents of the snorkel to unblock the floater.

Rinse your mask with fresh water after each use as salt grains may have the effect as sand. Restore the mask in its bag.

No you cannot as the mask is designed only for surface snorkeling. The mask is not designed for diving nor free diving. The dry top design only works when the snorkel and floater are vertical. During free diving the snorkel is horizontal and water might enter.

As the volume of the mask is greater than a traditional mask the pressure below 1 m will be uncomfortable as well. When free diving it is also important to equalize your ears by holding your nose and blowing through your nice gently. You cannot equalize with the full face mask as you cannot hold your nice as there is the mask window before it. So avoid any free diving activities.

No, only use the mask for surface snorkeling. Do not use the mask for free diving, diving or swimming training. Swimming takes more effort and oxygen input than snorkeling. The full face mask is not suitable and uncomfortable for heavy breathing activities.

Snorkel Mask Issues

There are several reasons why leakages might happen. Be sure you have selected the right size. Therefore we suggest you fit the mask and check if the silicon mask skirt fits your face before using the mask. The skirt and your face are going to be water sealed while snorkeling.

Be aware that a beard may let in water as it prevents a perfect seal. The same for long hair which may come between the forehead and the mask.

The anti-fog systems of the mask works best in water warmer than 18 degrees. It is also important to rinse your mask with clear water after every use. Sun and salt make your window dirty which may lead to fogging. Also be sure to breathe in a normal rhythm.

Clipping the two parts together should be easy with the need for pressure. Once the snorkel hits the O-ring seal, gently push it down to the bottom. You can hear a click when fastened well.

You will feel resistance if there is sand between the the snorkel and the mask.The connection is designed with a perfect watertight seal between the mask and snorkel. Rinse the snorkel and the joint thoroughly with clear water.

First of all you should avoid putting the mask in the sand. Sand may have slipped between the floater and the wall of the tube. Rinse you snorkel thoroughly and use a key to pass through the rear vents and unblock the floater. Rinse again.

The floater functions as a barrier for water to entering the snorkel from waves, water ripples and in occasions when the user leans his head forward to look down deeper. The buoy slides up to seal the opening when submerged. In case of submersion, blow out when you get to the surface to let the buoy descend again.

If waves are passing over your head or if you leaned forward to take a closer look at special fishes and corals, the airflow will block. The system is designed to prevent water from entering. So if the snorkel is submerged by water the floater goes up to seal the snorkel and therefore is also blocks airflow. With traditional snorkels you would have swallowed a lot of salty water. In case of submersion, blow out when you get to the surface to let the buoy descend again.

The snorkel sticks out further of the water than a regular snorkel. The snorkel starts from the top of the head instead of the mouth with a regular mask. If we would make the snorkel longer than breathing would also become more difficult as air has to travel a longer distance.

Probably it doesn't run through the small elastic band which lies along the strap.

The full face mask has a lot of valves to avoid fogging and water getting in. When you breathe some valves open while others close. The opening and closing of valves may make some sound but we assure you its totally normal.


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